"What impacted me most was the stimulating environment I was in. Being around students from all over the world with different backgrounds, ideas and ambitions has helped me develop a more tolerant, well-rounded and creative personality."
 Tarek Hosny , Stanford University



"OCI indeed sees the educational advancement of Egyptian youth as paramount to the more comprehensive goal of developing and strengthening the Egyptian economy system. On a more individual level, however, OCI actively encourages students to develop their full academic potential and to explore different and intriguing educational possibilities. This past year has indeed been one of the most meaningful and enriching periods of my life-academically, socially and culturally-and I owe this remarkable experience to OCI." 
Nayle Hamdi, Harvard University


"As I reflect back at this year, I can’t help but feel grateful to all those that put their trust in me and provided me with the means to enrich my experience in ways I never thought possible. The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship will forever remain a turning point in my personal and professional life. Thank you for your trust and faith in Egypt’s future leaders." 
Amr El Meleegy, University of California, Berkeley

"Thanks to OCI, I am determined to pursue my dream of helping Egypt to become a better country. The starting point is to help Egyptians become better humans, and this is also the very vision of this scholarship: to build up a better Egypt through better Egyptians."
 Ahmed Abdel Wahab, Duke University 


" My first year studying at the Harvard Business School is truly a wonderful and exhilarating educational experience. I feel like I am meeting and learning from the future leaders of the world. I am truly grateful to OCI for making this possible. My learning curve is the steepest it has ever been!"
Lina Fares, Harvard Business School


"After studying for an MBA degree at UC Berkeley under the Onsi Sawiris scholarship. Now I believe I am much more ready to pursue me dream and apply all what I learned to benefit the growth of the high tech industry in Egypt."
 Ramy Farouk, UC Berkeley


"My OCI Scholarship was, by any standard, an extraordinary period in my life as it exposed to the latest management thinking and best practices at MIT. I was able to acquire so much of a global perspective on business and on the traditions and communication styles of different cultures."
Hazem El Wassimy, Stanford University



"I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for all your help, support and understanding. OCI’s generosity never fails to amaze me and I more than appreciate all that you do for the Onsi Sawiris students." Noura Selim, Harvard Business School